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March 31, 2014
by sathya9


I’ve learnd that  copyright is… If you allow others to have access to your digital paintings, the consequences

are….That perhaps without you even knowing, there’s a 90% chance that they might even cell your picture. But,

because of creative commons convenience, nobody but you can make money off of your digital painting, but if don’t

mind them making changes to your digital paintings, it requires for them to share the same licence as you. This is

called share like. according to my research, copy right is…..the exclusive legal right given to an organizer.

but, not can copyright just be used artistically it can also be, published, recorded literally, or filmed. Haven’t I mentioned , Copyright mainly occurs due to technology.

in conclusion there are many dangers involved with technology so it will highly benefit us to limit our technology usage.


March 27, 2014
by sathya9

Digital foot print

may I just say, those two videos sure did capture my attention. I’ll tell

you a little about one thing I found interesting. I’ve learned That if you

ever decide to get a device,

the defult settings  often allow people manufacture to

gain your special information.

March 21, 2014
by sathya9

my provience

Greetings everyone, As you guys may not know, I’m from ,Mississauga Ontario Canada.  The population of Ontario

is 13.500000. I’ll to describe to you a little

about the area I live in. Canada has four distinctive seasons such as : spring summer fall and , winter. Right now, we’re in

spring and are temperatures can range anywhere from 0-20 degree’s Celsius. Our province Ontario is well developed and


being a first world country, children/adults have access to all technology For example, IPods ,IPhones, tablets, laptops,


computers and, tablets. Our main industry’s are mining, produce and, fishing. The three most dominant sports are,


hockey, soccer and , basketball . this leads me to the conclusion of my challenge for this week. That’s all for now.




November 25, 2013
by sathya9

My blog

 I would say five of the things I posted were school based.

I have recently posted 11 things on my blog.

I received 2 comments  from over seas students and teachers.

I received the most posts on all about me I think that because  those were my first 2 posts.

I would say my favorite post I enjoyed writing was all about me because I got to express my self a lot.

Actually I did not change my blog theme because in my opinion, the theme I have my blog on really captures my intrust.

I have two widget’s on my blog  And I think that’s not enough

I have 3 overseas students on my blogroll.

November 12, 2013
by sathya9
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3 Places I will love to visit over seas

Today I will like to talk about the three places I would love to visit. I wil love to visit kingston jamaica.the following reasons Are:
1.There are multipal beaches with cristal clear water.
2.because there are only 2 seasons in the caribian in general, you would not have to deal with cold weather at all. The seasons are only spring and summer
3.When you go there, you will feel like your in hevan there fore, It will be amazing

Taj mahal:
the following reasons why I will like to visit the Taj Mahal Are:
1.It’s very beautiful to look at.
2.I never visited it before.
3.The country it’s located in, My ansesters.  Origins

maracas bay Trinidad:
The following reasons why I wil like to visit maracas bay Trinidad are:
1.thats where my parents origins from Trinidad’s a really beautiful beach
3.I only get to go there once a year.

I love visiting over seas!!!!!

November 4, 2013
by sathya9

A great post

today I’m going to talk about what makes a great post. In my opinion,a good post is when you use lots of detail,Include the five w’s, do not playdersize from

articles or any other student participating in this blog

challenge, when you check over your work and ,when you orginize your post in a hamburger paragragh.

What would make me stop and read a post? Well I usually read the first sentence of some blogs I recently checked out, and if that sentence captures me with

those four things I menchaned,

I will love to read more.

when I check out someones blog, I will check if did the four things I menchaned.

November 3, 2013
by sathya9

My family recipes

mixed rice:a mixture of rice, pichan pease with vigtables and ,sauce.

roti: indian bread made out of flower

panner: tomatos,paneer pices choped up , massala, and ,milk added when making

cachori: use dhal and baji with a shell outside

mix vegtables: carrots,brocali and colliflower

paneer tikha:paneer with no sauce included

Hope you enjoyed these racipes!!!

November 3, 2013
by sathya9

The U.S government shutdown

The U.S government shutdown occourd not to long ago .Who wanted to provide medical care for the poor?presadent Obama wanted to provide medical care for the

poor,but the republicans

disagreed with him. That’s a bummer .What made the government shutdown?The republicans and the democracics didn’t come down to an agreement. I wonder if they made an agreement. Where did

the chaos occure?In the

U.S.A. That’s probably why the event was called the U.S government shutdown. Why did thew republicans disagree with the democradics?Because they didn’t think it was fair that ritch people got more

taxes. They have a point. When did it start? October

1st 2013.How did it happen?Obama came up with an Idea and the reps disagreed witch caused the U.S.A government shut down.In my opinion, the reps should agree

with the dems .

In conclusion,Hopefully they came to an agreement!